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Arabic for Better Life

Arabic for Life is a program that offers students an opportunity to learn Arabic in meaningful way while they are at home. Arabic for Life will enhance your future and expand your options for studying abroad, help you increase your confidence to travel and interact with others, increase your cultural awareness, and improve your employment possibilities. In 96 hours of learning Arabic divided into two terms of completing each level, students will use Arabic for speaking, reading, writing, listening.

Arabic for Life program is affordable for everyone.

$375 Per term.

Program starts on October 2nd, 2017-December  22nd,   2017 (Term 1)

                                 January 8th, 2018-March 30th , 2018      (Term 2)


Arabic for life Freshman Level introduces the essential elements of the Arabic language within a cultural context. The focus is on the development of basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Upon completion, students should be able to understand and respond with grammatical accuracy to spoken and written Arabic as well as demonstrate cultural awareness.

Arabic for Life Sophomore Level continues to help students acquire more proficiency and accuracy in reading, writing, listening and speaking in Arabic. Sophomore level focuses on fully participation in topics related to daily activities and conversations related to social demands to survive in an Arabic speaking backgrounds.

Arabic for Life Junior Level will be enhancing students reading speed with fully understanding for the readings. This will increase students’ vocabulary terms and allow them to participate with more live conversation. It will cover additional aspects about Arab culture and history and will continue developing their writing skills.

Arabic for Life Senior Level will focus on Modern Standard Arabic. It will help students build on the writing skills mastered in previous levels to help them in expressing ideas, writing essays and reflecting on other students’ ideas. This level will help students presenting multiple topics in Arabic and comment orally on them.