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College Levels - Heritage

Arabic 150

The main focus is to have students use Modern Standard Arabic (FUSHA) in speaking and writing. In this level students will build up their vocabulary bank and will focus on basic formal writing in Arabic. Students will be able to able to read and write short sentences and get involved with basic daily conversation.  

Arabic 151

This course will focus on contemporary issues shaping the Arab world using various authentic texts. Students will improve their language skills through reading, writing, presentations and discussions related to different topics including, but not limited to, politics, society and culture.

Arabic 250

This course focuses on how Arabic (both standard and the colloquial) is used in the different Arab societies of the Arab world. We will study how the variation of Arabic is used to influence different sociological variables such as education, social status, politics, gender, and religion.

Arabic 300

This course will focus on the main historical, social, political, and global problems taken place in the Arab World at the mean time. For this purpose, students will be reading articles from newspapers, some historical selections dealing with literature and topics like science, medicine, and the various purposes of short stories. The main goal of this course is to inquire as to why these Arab writers utilized the short stories genre as opposed to verse or the novel to pass on their perspectives, dreams, and frustrates, investigating all through the readings the possibilities of the class.