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College Levels - Non Heritage

Arabic 150

Arabic 150 will introduce students to the sounds and letters of Arabic along with the basic communication skills. Students will be able to read, listen to very basic conversation in Arabic, and respond to. Students will have a chance to communicate in Arabic about different topics related to their daily lives.

Arabic 151

Arabic 151 is a continuation of Arabic 100 with an emphasis on vocabulary expansion and grammar constructions. Students demonstrate comprehension of new concepts through more advanced reading and writing of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Students will work to improve their listening and speaking skills through more frequent and extended use of Arabic conversation. Cultural focus remains an integral part of the course.

Arabic 250

Students at this level will expand their knowledge and become more fluent in speaking the language, and more advanced in writing. Students will move in a short period to the proficiency level. This level will focus on broader range of readings and discussing variety of historical, social, cultural, and literary topics.

Arabic 300

This course is intended to develop and build students’ reading and writing skills, vocabulary, note taking, summarizing, paraphrasing, and analyzing skills using a ACTFL standards and requirements for OPI/WPT testing. The focus will be on developing and improving reading and writing, speaking skills through a variety of projects, reading assignments, and discussion board assignments related to different topics in the target language.