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Middle School Levels - Heritage

Level 1

This course is an introduction to Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) uses authentic materials and focuses on developing proficiency in the standard written Arabic language, as well as formal spoken Arabic understood by educated speakers across the Arab world. Students will acquire more vocabulary and usage for everyday interactions, as well as skills that will allow them to read and analyze a wider range of texts in Arabic. In this level, students will be exposed to songs, videos, and films. Students will become more familiar with more than one colloquial, and how to differentiate between using Colloquial and MSA.

End of the year expectations:
Interpretive- listening: Novice high
Interpretive- reading: Novice Mid- high
Interpersonal- speaking: Novice high
Presentational-speaking: Novice Mid
Presentational- writing: Novice mid-high
Expected hours to spend: 140 hours per year

Level 2

In this level more grammar and vocabulary are introduced at a faster rate to build the foundation for general communicative competence and greater cultural awareness. This level provides students the opportunity to further develop, improve and refine their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Emphasis continues to be placed on aural skills with additional emphasis on reading and writing in the target language. Supplementary materials are implemented to enhance language use. Students experience multiple opportunities to demonstrate their proficiency in Arabic in different contexts.

End of the year expectations:
Interpretive- listening: Intermediate low
Interpretive- reading: Intermediate low
Interpersonal- speaking: Novice high- Intermediate low
Presentational-speaking: Novice high
Presentational- writing: Novice high- Intermediate low