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High School Levels - Heritage

Level 1

This course teaches pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar fundamentals as essential elements in reading, writing, and understanding Arabic. The course also covers necessary culture, customs, and history which serve as keys to studying the Arabic language.

135-150 hours proficiency targets:

Interpretive- listening: Novice Mid- Novice High
Interpretive- reading: Novice Mid- Novice High
Interpersonal- speaking: Novice Mid- Novice High
Presentational-speaking: Novice Mid- Novice High
Presentational- writing: Novice Low- Novice Mid

Level 2

This course is designed for students who knows some Arabic and need to improve their vocabulary and knowledge of the grammar as well as improve their spelling and writing skills. Formal aspects of the language will be stressed including: spelling, punctuation, and accentuation. This course provides practice in composition.

270- 300 hours proficiency targets:
Interpretive- listening: Novice High- Intermediate low
Interpretive- reading: Novice High- Intermediate low
Interpersonal- speaking: Novice High- Intermediate low
Presentational-speaking: Novice High- Intermediate low
Presentational- writing: Novice Mid- Novice High
Expected hours to spend: 160 hours per year

Level 3

This basic conversation course develops effective communication skills. It emphasizes the use of set-up phrases, idiomatic expressions, correct pronunciation and intonation, development of useful vocabulary, and ability to communicate without hesitation in a given situation.

405-450 hours proficiency targets:
Interpretive- listening: Intermediate Low- Intermediate Mid
Interpretive- reading: Intermediate Low- Intermediate Mid
Interpersonal- speaking: Intermediate Low- Intermediate Mid
Presentational-speaking: Intermediate Low- Intermediate Mid
Presentational- writing: Novice High- intermediate Low

Level 4

Students will continue to improve their reading comprehension, writing and oral skills through review of previously studied grammar. Students will study current and historical Arab World history, literature, film, art theater and poetry while using acquired grammar knowledge in class to respond in Arabic.

540- 600 hours proficiency targets:
Interpretive- listening: Intermediate mid- Intermediate high
Interpretive- reading: Intermediate mid- Intermediate high
Interpersonal- speaking:Intermediate mid- Intermediate high
Presentational-speaking: Intermediate mid- Intermediate high
Presentational- writing: Intermediate Low- Intermediate Mid