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High School Levels - Non Heritage

Level 1

This course introduces the students to basic vocabulary and fundamental sentence structures in the present and past. Pronunciation, grammar, and everyday vocabulary are stressed as indispensable tools for comprehension and expression. Arab customs, culture, and everyday life are also highlighted.

135-150 hours proficiency targets:
Interpretive- listening: Novice Low- Novice Mid
Interpretive- reading: Novice Low
Interpersonal- speaking: Novice Mid
Presentational-speaking: Novice Low
Presentational- writing: Novice Low

Level 2

This course is a continuation of level one with an emphasis on vocabulary expansion and grammar constructions. Students demonstrate comprehension of new concepts through more advanced reading and writing of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Students will work on improving their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through more frequent and extended use of Arabic conversation and cultural perspectives. This level will also cover some grammar rules.

270-300 hours proficiency targets:
Interpretive- listening: Novice Mid- High
Interpretive- reading: Novice Mid
Interpersonal- speaking: Novice Mid- High
Presentational-speaking: Novice Mid
Presentational- writing: Novice Mid

Level 3

The course will complete and review basic grammar and key sentence patterns of Arabic, provide practice in the appropriate use of idiomatic expressions, and further develop skill in reading and writing using different script. It will also build vocabulary, expand reading comprehension, and encourage extensive conversation in Arabic. It will cover additional aspects about Arab culture and history.

405-450 hours proficiency targets:
Interpretive- listening: Novice High- Intermediate Low
Interpretive- reading: Novice High
Interpersonal- speaking: Novice High- Intermediate Low
Presentational-speaking: Intermediate Low
Presentational- writing: Novice Mid- Intermediate Low

Level 4

This course provides an opportunity for the student to acquire better speaking skills in Arabic with the emphasis on natural, colloquial usage. New vocabulary and idiomatic phrases will be emphasized and the student will hold conversations in Arabic.

540- 600 hours proficiency targets:
Interpretive- listening: Intermediate mid Intermediate Mid
Interpretive- reading: Intermediate Low- Intermediate Mid
Interpersonal- speaking: Intermediate Low- Intermediate Mid
Presentational-speaking: intermediate Low- Intermediate Mid
Presentational- writing: Novice High- Intermediate Low