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Middle School Levels - Non Heritage

Level 1

This course begins with learning the script and the sound system. It introduces vocabulary words related to daily life routines. Students will start performing dialogues and other activities from the first week. This introductory course is designed for students with little or no previous study of Arabic. This course teaches basic language patterns and vocabulary. Repetition and comprehensible input are important components of this course. Focus is on all four language skills listening, speaking, reading and writing. Culture is an integral part of the course and is introduced through the use of authentic materials, short videos and songs.  

End of the year expectations:
Interpretive- listening: Novice Mid
Interpretive- reading: Novice Low
Interpersonal- speaking: Novice Mid
Presentational-speaking: Novice Low
Presentational- writing: Novice Low
Expected hours to spend: 140 hours per year

Level 2

This course provides an opportunity to enhance acquisition of the fundamental elements of the Modern Standard Arabic. Emphasis is placed on the development of basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills through the use of authentic materials. Students will be able to comprehend and respond with grammatical accuracy to spoken and written Arabic in familiar topics and to demonstrate cultural awareness. Students in this level will be able to enhance their ability to communicate with educated native speakers using Modern Standard Arabic.

End of the year expectations:
Interpretive- listening: Novice Mid-high
Interpretive- reading: Novice Mid
Interpersonal- speaking: Novice high
Presentational-speaking: Novice Mid
Presentational- writing: Novice Mid
Expected hours to spend: 140 hours per year